Our American Journey

The Black Experience in America

There’s a new exhibit at Sinclair you do not want to miss. It is comprised of personal mementos of Black History Memorabilia collected throughout the years and from all over the country by Michael Carter, Senior Advisor to the President/Chief Diversity Officer at the Sinclair Diversity Office. The hands-on exhibit allows participants to examine and explore the African American journey through a variety of artifacts such as books, magazines, and pictures as a means of capturing and understanding the determination, courage, and resilience of Blacks in America.

Here are a few comments from League members who attended as part of a group last month:

Michael Carter did an amazing job of making his extensive memorabilia collection a walk through the AA experience in America from the excruciating inception ‘til today.  In so doing we gained a glimpse into white America and its role in orchestrating it all. It is clear that only together can we change the future!  

All I can say is ditto to everything [the person above said].  And it allowed me a walk down memory lane of things I’ve experienced (some I had forgotten) and experiences told to me by MY elders.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn more from someone who is obviously well versed on African American history from a personal and historical perspective.  Any ability to learn is a positive experience for me!

Michael Carter has put together and shares an exhibit that provides so much information, revealing not just a painful and horrifying past, but ongoing present-day racism. I learned a lot, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to experience it with you all.

I couldn’t agree more with what everyone has said. I can’t stop talking about this experience to my husband. Michael Carter’s presentation was amazing! Thank you for making this possible.

It was Michael Carter’s moving and very personal account which made a difference.  I, too, discussed this with my husband and hope to take him to view.  It was also gracious of Michael to give some of us information which we can use in our communications with others.   

These are the kind of events that not only educate but bring us closer as League members.

Mr. Carter offers tours for groups and individuals, which can be scheduled through Michele Marcum, Executive Administrative Assistant for Sinclair’s Diversity Office and Equity and Anti-Racism Office, by emailing her at Michele.Marcum@sinclair.edu.

Look for information about future educational events in emails from the League and in The Voter.