In addition to the Empowering You! series, the Dayton Area League is pleased to share the following videos. She was a speaker at one of our Dine and Dishes, talking about the her piece and its connection to the Dayton Suffragettes. A print of “Mondays at the Booth” proudly hangs in our front office, a parting gift from Susan Hesselgesser upon her retirement in 2020.

TEDx talk by Dayton League member Andrea Walker Cummings. Cummings discusses her art piece featuring Jewelia Ann Galloway Higgins. then shifts into the history of Black Americans and voting, including examples from her own family lore. She spoke on this piece and its connection to the Sayton Suffragettes as part of our Dine and Dish series, and a print of “Mondays at the Booth” proudly hangs in our office, a gift from Susan Hesselgesser upon her retirement in 2020.

Zoom Party for Susan Hesselgesser, retiring Executive Director (27 April 2021). We began our trip down memory lane with a look back to 2009, when Janis James was President and Susan was our part -time Education Director. Janis related how the Board recognized the need for an Executive Director to cover much more than our educational needs: it was necessary to hire someone to help manage the myriad of details that were previously all covered by volunteers, since so many League leaders now had full-time jobs. Susan applied for that position, and was immediately hired as our very first Executive Director under Jo Columbro’s Presidency 2011-2013. Subsequent League presidents reminisced about their time serving with Sue, as we honored her dedication and contributions to our League of Women Voters since 2009.

People-Powered Day of Action: Redistricting in Ohio (29 April 2021). The League of Women Voters of Greater Dayton hosted this live Zoom webinar to explain our current district maps, the reforms that were adopted, and how the community can get involved. Recorded Zoom link.

Dangerous Dames of Dayton 2020 (23 March 2021) honoring Brenda Whitney (posthumous), Daj’za Demmings, and all our local Health Care Nurses. Our guest speaker was Jana Collier, Publisher, Cox Enterprises Ohio Newspapers. Recorded Zoom link.

Voting Rights Act: Then and Now, presentation by Ohio Supreme Court Justice Melody Stewart on 6 August 2020. Recorded Zoom Link.

Gerrymandering: Manipulating the Boundaries of an Electoral Constituency. Presentation by Dennis Turner, Professor Emeritus at the University of Dayton School of Law, and part of the Centerville-Washington History 2020-2021 , Speaker Series.

Let the Women Vote: The History of the 19th Amendment

This slideshow commemorates the anniversary of the 19th Amendment, and all our League has stood for these past 100 years.