League In the News

Local leaders Taft, Hall discuss how political parties can work together. (Dayton Daily News, 9 June 2022).

Testimony for the Ohio State Local Government and Elections Committee, submitted by Christine Corba, LWVGDA, 4 November 2021.

Ohioans and Dayton area vote early in record-breaking numbers. (Dayton Daily News, 26 October 2020).

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Here’s how much postage you need to mail your ballot back in area counties. Dayton Daily News, 16 September 2020).

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Work of local suffragists continues 100 years later, by League Executive Director Susan Hesselgesser, Dayton Daily News (17 August 2020).

Lifelong Lessons from 7 Trailblazing Dayton Women, including the League’s own Vivienne Himmel, Dayton Daily News (16 August 2020).

Author Anne Gass shares tales of notorious suffrage movement with stop in Dayton, Dayton Daily News (4 September 2016).