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Thank you for voting! See the links below for local election results provided by the County Boards of Elections. If you did not register in time to vote in this election, or if you need to update your name or address, please do so now so you are ready for the next election.

Montgomery County General Election Summary

Montgomery County Precinct by Precinct Report

Greene County Election Summary Report

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Voter Advocates, State Officials Reassure Voters: Ohio Elections are Fair

Recently, concerns about the potential for elections to be “rigged” have been raised in the context of the US Presidential campaign. Voter advocates including the League reassured voters on Tuesday that Ohio’s election system is secure and urged Ohioans to use the toll-free Election Protection Hotline if they encounter any voting-related issues. Election officials of all political backgrounds – including Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted – have strenuously defended the integrity of our election system.

These groups and public officials remind voters that Ohio has many layers of safeguards built into our voting process to make sure it is fair and accurate. "Don’t allow the naysayers to undermine your faith in democracy. Have your say by voting,” said Carrie Davis of the League of Women Voters of Ohio. “We do not expect voters to encounter problems whether voting early or on Election Day, but if you do, that is why we have the Election Protection hotline standing by to help – just call 866-OUR-VOTE.” (Spanish-speakers, call 888-839-8682; Asian language speakers, call 888-274-8683.)

For more details read the Press Release issued on 18 October and the League's FAQ on Election Security; and visit the Election Protection website. See also this video from the Ohio Secretary of State, Jon Husted, explaining how our ballots are handled.

Voter Purge Update: Federal Court Ruling

A Federal Court stopped short of ordering that purged voters be restored to the registration list, but it did order that anyone wrongly purged – dating back to 2011 when the illegal purge policy began – must be allowed to cast a provisional ballot. Boards of Election are required to count provisional ballots of voters on the purge list. See the new directive from Ohio Secretary of State on how these ballots should be handled, as well as this Voter Alert from the ACLU, a party to the lawsuit.

Over 32,000 voters in Montgomery and Greene Counties were purged from the rolls last year alone, a process allowed by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 to clear the databases of inactive voters. Visit this easy-to-use web portal to verify that you are still registered. If you are not, you may now request a provisional ballot. Here are the complete listing of voters purged in Greene or Montgomery County.