2017 Dangerous Dames of Dayton

At a dinner held 30 March at the NCR Country Club, the Dayton League honored this year's Dangerous Dames, Marsha Bonhart, Lynn Hulsey, and Cheryl McHenry, for their pioneering roles in local media. As young women, Cheryl, Lynn, and Marsha encountered a work world sometimes hostile to women. But throughout their careers, they have tackled hard stories, covered issues of vital importance, broken glass ceilings, and kept pace with the many changes in journalism and media.

The evening started with a tip of the hat to John Patterson, who tried to help the suffragists overcome their reputation as “dangerous to polite society.” Next came presentations by our honorees, followed by a Question and Answer period, ranging from how the dress code for women TV personalities has changed and harassment, to “fake news”, spewing of hate, and the importance of fact checking. The evening ended with presentation to Governor John Kasich of the League’s first-ever Civility Award. A special thanks to our major sponsors: Crossman & Maciorowski, LLC. and Sinclair Community College. The Dangerous Dames of Dayton dinner raises funds to support the League’s voter education programs.

2017 Dangerous Dames honorees
Dangerous Dames of Dayton 2017 Honorees: (L-R) Marcia Bonhart, Lynn Hulsey and Cheryl McHenry.

League sees Resurgence in Membership

Since Election Day, the League has seen an increase in membership as dissatisfied voters look for ways to get involved and make a difference. The League's longstanding emphasis on nonpartisanship and civil discourse are especially appealing after the divisive and discordant primary and general election campaigns.

The following links from LWVUS provide some ideas for leveraging this interest and enthusiasm: Leveraging Post-Election Volunteer Interest, and 10 Ways You Can Help Defend Our Democracy. You can also register to receive Action Alerts from LWVUS by filling out this online form. Please contact the LWVGDA office if any of these ideas spark your interest and you would like to get more involved in helping to keep our democracy working.

Voter Purge Update: Federal Court Ruling

Over 32,000 voters in Montgomery and Greene Counties were purged from the rolls last year alone, a process allowed by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 to clear the databases of inactive voters. Visit this easy-to-use web portal to verify that you are still registered. Here are the complete listing of voters purged in Greene or Montgomery County.