Dangerous Dames of Dayton - Save the Date

Deborah Anderson
Deborah Anderson

The Dangerous Dames of Dayton celebration will be held on 15 September at 6:00 pm, at NCR Country Club. It will feature Deb Anderson presenting the story of her father, WWII Codebreaker Joe Desch and the women who worked with him at Sugar Camp on his codebreaking machine. The celebration will also honor Millie Weather Jones, a WWII Wave, and feature Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, author and political commentator Connie Schultz.

If you know a Dangerous Dame, tell us about her! Nominations are due 1 August. See flyer for more information. The Dangerous Dames of Dayton Award was established in memory of the women of Dayton, Ohio who fought for women’s right to vote. It is given to recognize women who dare to work against the odds to make a difference in their community.

Voting Rights Act Celebration

The Voting Rights Act celebration was a great success, with inspiring speakers, music, prizes, and onsite voter registration. Thanks to all whose hard work made this important community event possible, and thanks to all who turned out to participate. McLin and Skilken at Voting Rights Act celebration

Former Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin with LWVGDA President Patty Skilken at Voting Rights Act celebration.

Miami Valley VOTE!

League of Women Voters Greater Dayton Area invites you to participate in the LWV VOTE Survey. In the 2008 presidential election, around 62.2% of eligible citizens voted. Voter turnout declined to 41.8% in 2010, 58.6% in 2012, and 36.6% in 2014. The 2014 election year represented, by most estimates, the lowest voter turnout in 70 years. In view of this decline, our purpose in conducting this survey is simple: if you did not vote in the 2014 General Election, we would like to understand why.

The survey is available on SurveyMonkey, in both English and Spanish. You may complete the survey anonymously. We at the LWVGDA respect your privacy. Certain questions ask for information such as age, sex, ethnic background and income level. You don't need to answer these, but we really hope you do, since it will help us understand the survey results better. This information will not be used for any other purpose.

Please pass this survey link on to your friends, and thank you for your participation. If you have any questions, please contact the LWVGDA office at 937-228-4041 or by email at league@lwvdayton.org.

About our League

The League of Women Voters of the Greater Dayton Area (LWVGDA) is one of the first Leagues established in 1920 after passage of the 19th amendment, making it a proud and direct descendent of the women’s suffrage movement. Over 250 members strong, LWVGDA encompasses both Montgomery and Greene Counties, and is an active partner of the State of Ohio League and the League of Women Voters U.S. The League is nonpartisan, and neither supports nor opposes any political party or candidate, but does take action on issues following careful study and member consensus. All women and men eligible to vote are invited to join League. It’s not just about having the right to vote, it’s about what we do with it.