The Intersection of State Budget and Social Justice (28 April)

Please share this throughout League and your non-League networks. This is a chance to learn about and take action on several of our positions. 

April 28, 2021 
7-8:30 PM
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On the Agenda

Jason Warner, Greater Ohio Policy Center 
Transportation Budget and Equity: mass transit needs  

As the demographics of our state change, so do our transportation needs. What is happening and what was included in this budget that was passed by April1?  What special populations will be helped? What is the impact across the state, not just the big cities? Why is this important? What can Leagues and individuals do to help in implementation? 

Tracy Sabetta
Moms Clean Air Force HB6: Will it be repealed? What are these bills that surround it? 

The call for total repeal has not gotten much traction. So, given that there is no movement on full repeal, what parts of the bill definitely must go? How do we get there? How do some of the partial repeal bills rate in terms of addressing some of these points? 

We will end this section of the program with a call for total repeal and a call for energy efficiency and sustainability. 

Jennifer Pryor, Ohioans to Stop Executions 
Abolition of Death Penalty: Is this the year? 

It took several years to close the gap on mental illness. Only 6 counties of the 88 counties in Ohio even put the death penalty on the table. Ohio has gotten it wrong 11 times. There is a one year moratorium because we do not have a means of execution. We have had many bills calling for action, why is this finally the right time? 

Action: sign on in support of abolition, as Leagues or as individuals, and swell the call for abolition. 

Sarah Warner LWVO Board Member and Issue Specialist 
Domestic Violence and Spousal Abuse

Violence against partners has grown during the pandemic. What bills currently relate to domestic violence? Why now? Where are they and what are the expectations of passage? 

There will be an action alert on the current bills, especially Aisha’s Law.  

Rosie Craig, LWVO Issue Specialist and Toby Hoover, Founder of Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence 
A dialogue on Gun Safety: Many and Varied Bills 

What is this plethora of gun bills in the General Assembly? Why are we so pro guns as a state? What are some of the current bills in the General assembly? How about HB99, the attempt to allow school personnel to be armed with little more than a concealed carry permit? We will end with an action on the most important bill at that point.