Dine and Dish with U.S. Congressman Mike Turner and Mary Lauterberg

Held 6 September 2013 at the Engineers Club. See summary for details.

Merle Wilberding, Congressman Turner, Mary Lauterberg (Left to right)Attorney Merle Wilberding, Mary Lauterberg, and Congressman Turner
Sue Hesselgesser, Mary Lauterberg Mary Lauterberg (left) with LWVGDA Executive Director Sue Hesselgesser
Merle Wilberding, Patty Skilken, Mary  Lauterberg LWVGDA President Elect Patty Skilken (back turned), Merle Wilberding, Mary Lauterberg
Patty Skilken Patty Skilken
Congressman Turner event Attendees in the dining room at the Engineers Club
Congressman Turner event Congressman Turner and Mrs. Lauterberg's table.