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For 99 years the League of Women Voters has remained one of the nation's most respected grassroots community organizations. The League is political but non-partisan. We encourage informed and active participation in government, promote understanding of major public policy issues, and influence public policy through education and advocacy.

The league never supports or opposes any candidate or political party. We provide pro and con discussion on ballot and legislative issues, and present information based on facts, without political or media bias. We encourage everyone to vote so elected leaders represent the entire community, state, and nation. We are unique as we have members of ever conceivable political persuasion who believe, support, and participate in civil, fact-based, political discussion.

League membership is open to all women and men eligible to vote.

By mail or fax:

Print and complete our member registration form:

The League of Women Voters of the Greater Dayton Area
127 N. Ludlow St., Talbott Tower, Suite 1208
Dayton, OH 45402-1703

or fax to: 937-228-4104

You can either mail a check with your dues, or pay online with PayPal.


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Please check below the ways you might be interested in participating in League this year. We love it when League members can join in programs and activities, but recognize that not everyone can volunteer their time. We are grateful just to have you support the League mission with your membership. Letting us know your interests, however, helps us determine which topics to focus on. If you can participate, you will find that League is more interesting and helpful to you, and more vital because of you! As you see, time commitments can be short, moderate, or long-term. Please let us know your preferences.
Topics Natural resources
Government/Election Law
International Issues
Health Care
Women's Issues
Land Use
Social policy
Activities Attend monthly meetings (League Program presented)
Serve as a Board member
Serve on a committee
Make telephone calls for meetings or other activities
Participate in a study
Write letters to our elected officials
Help with special activities (e.g. voter registration, holiday party, fundraiser, annual meeting)
Voter service
Mentor for new members
Help with finance drive
Refreshments for meetings
Host a meeting at your home
Recruit new members
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Finally, don't forget to send in your dues! You can either mail a check to the address above, or pay online with PayPal.