Why Join League?

The League of Women Voters is a highly respected citizens’ organization that researches issues from many points of view and takes action on issues affecting our families and communities. We advocate for voting rights, civic engagement, and accountable government. Our members are men and women who want to make a difference - for their communities, their country, and themselves.

"We are the League of Women Voters"

Do you want to understand the critical issues of today? Develop new skills and networking opportunities? Shape the policy decisions that affect your life? Empower yourself, your friends and neighbors to build stronger communities? Then join League!

As a member of the League you join a powerful and respected force of women and men in all 50 states. When the League speaks, lawmakers listen! In the League, you gain valuable leadership, networking and public speaking experience as you learn about and act on important community issues. Each member participates in the League as time permits. There is definitely a place for everyone and every lifestyle. The video linked on the right gives a brief introduction to who we are, and what we do in League.

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Every now and then we encounter a potential member who very much wants to join The League but is prohibited from doing so because they simply cannot afford it. An example would be graduate students who are planning to remain in the Dayton Area and are eager to become an active part of our community, but until they are employed simply don’t have the $66 membership fee. If you are willing to pay a new member's dues for a year or two until they are on their feet financially, please call the League Office to be added to the list of willing sponsors for the next time this need arises.